Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Event: Treasure Hunt

Yeah, next event announcement (and the first one here, in fact). Like the one before (New Reno Fight Night) is this a kind of fun event because we need more variety in our lifes. Thats why we now make a ....

... Treasure Hunt!

What is this?
The Treasure Hunt is a kind of fun event. You are running around, trying to find NPCs, need to talk to them and run to the next, etc... so it's pretty easy in fact.

Where is it?
The event will start in the Hub and reaches over the whole worldmap. You will move from one location to the next, until you reach the final checkpoint. If you reached the final checkpoint, we are waiting there with beer and booze.

WHEN is it?
The event will be probably next saturday. The time is not set yet and also it is possible, that the event might move a bit when it comes to the starting time. It all depends on wether we can clean up the last unsure things or not. :P

What is the prize?
The first prize will be a shiny new... rusty old car. Additionally the wasteland surivival gear that will be not yet listed in detail. Also you get 10,000 caps!
The second prize gets only 10,000 caps and the third prize 5,000 caps.

How does it work?
Like written above, it is pretty simple: The start is in the Hub. From there you need to talk with a npc. He will tell you to what town you need to move next. There you have to find the next npc, talk to him and he tells you your next target, where you have to find the next npc, etc. The first one who enters the final checkpoint wins, then the second one, the third, etc.

In fact, there are not much rules. The only thing that is 100% and for sure not allowed, is to use a car or camp npcs and shot other players there.

Small update on this. I am sorry to say, but we need to move it into the future.
Reasons for this: We've got not enough time in the last few days to finish it. Also some of the GMs will not be available for the next time. It's not clear yet, when the next date for the event will be.