Saturday, February 6, 2010

ModDB awards 2009 - We've made the 4th

The ModDB awards for the best indie game released and unreleased in the year 2009 are over now and we've made the 4th place! It's not that bad to loose against Natural Selection 2, Overgrowth and 0 A.D. to be honest.

Thank's to everyone who has voted!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Donation info


We decided it's a time to clarify a bit more on the costs of server upkeeping. When we moved, we chose to acquire fairly cheap server, because we knew that server application requirements are not high. We've run into few problems at the beginning, but now we think it serves us pretty well (just to remind, server application unstability is not caused by the hardware).

So, the monthly fee we need to pay for the machine, is 60 euro (including PayPal fees). We've paid for 3 months, and we are running it 2 months already. So far we've gathered 93 euro, so we need a bit more.

That's why we are kindly reminding you to donate few caps from time to time.