Friday, December 23, 2011

Please read: a personal appeal from the FOnline: 2238 Developer Lisac Twok

I feel like living the last of my days in a polluted, unclean world, infested with bugs, glitches and crashes.

Imagine the world where every human being on the planet could wipe their virtual reality as they want, whenever they want. Although we're currently far away from that vision, it doesn't mean we have to give up on our dreams! Wipe, my brothers and sisters, wipe is our reality.

With the latest features being tested and discussed, with those last bugs being squashed or pulverised with pulse rifle, with each and every stinking breath of the stuck NPCs that break your quests - we are one step closer to our vision! As I write these words, the critical amount of bits and bytes are being accumulated in Paris, waiting to come into contact with a void function that shall release the Big Bang and bring us the next wipe, the salvation! The last of our days are coming, beware!

Not soon, but very soon, the wipe will bring the end of days as we know it and bring a new life to the brave world that has to be born on the ashes of the old one. Very soon.

Gather your forces. Wake up your sleeping moles. Send a telegram to Rangers. Take your minigun from the rusty tribal chest. Get your granpa stand by your side. Because, very, very soon...

It's about to wipe.