Monday, February 28, 2011

Development Diary: These damn animations

So, this one is a small one. Everyone is waiting for the next smaller update-- hey, we too! Anyway, to not abandon this place, here is some insight on what is the reason why it takes and took us so long:

Right now, we are fighting some little ugly problems with the animations of killed critters. That is, flipping around on death, not working flamethrower attack animations and so on and so on. This is, in fact, the last thing we have to do until the next update can get out of the cage. We aren't sure if we can handle the flamer attack animation in the short time, but at least killed critters will stop flipping around while getting killed.

Also as the one or the other might have heard already, we are adding a new armor item. It's a sand colored robe, created by x'il (who also worked on the long hair and bald head dude), some of you might know it already from the Fallout modding community.

The robe will be available for cheap money at most of the traders in the wasteland. Let's not be that blue anymore all together! Switch yer bluesuit to the new sandsuit and be a hipster too!

Additionally and as always, we made lots of map changes, dialog fixes and so on. I'll guess various changes on the maps will be the most obvious ones. You for sure will recognize it in the game after the update has been done.

So far, that's it for now.

Stay tuned for more.

Monday, February 14, 2011

WIP: 3D Model Screenshots

To post something new in here, we got three screenshots of some of the new work in progress 3d models for you guys. Animations and models are 100% community work.