Tuesday, September 15, 2009

About red question marks

A lot people got problems with red question marks in several maps. This was a bug regarding new graphics, but is fixed now. You just need to use the Update Tool to get the new Faction001.dat - then everything should work again. The final patch needed so much time to do because we actually needed to find out first why it didn't worked before.

The situation is clear now and we know how to avoid this in future.

Also the last changes in total:

- A lot map fixes
- Guard script fixes
- Encounters items deterioration revisited
- Fixed geiger counter text messages
- Tracking roll fix:
--- trackerRoll < trackedRoll + 25: tracked gots message that he's followed
--- trackerRoll + 25 < trackedRoll: tracker looses track
- Ghostfarm production facilities fixed
- When you logout on the worldmap with your followers, they shouldn't disappear anymore.
- Production facilities buffer again (it was entirely different issue, should be fixed now)
- Follower corpses are removed now properly after 10 minutes

- TC reward containers should be openable even if someone deliberately locked them.
- Faction001.dat fixed. Use the update tool to update it.
- weakened timeout can be now ended using doctor skill.

- Added new graphics
- Changed Broken Hills a bit
- Remove flagging in the specific location where the crime was commited based on time, 60 min+5 min*level currently.
- You can only sneak when not seen by other players. (
You can enter sneak mode if seen by your teammates.)
- The primitive tool has now its own inventory image.
- The old shovel has now its own inventory image too.

- Travelspeed increased on the worldmap.
- Only "good" drugs (stimpaks, radaways) are allowed to be used on others
- Timeouts aren't dropped when player is revived

- Default respawn time for NPCs which don't have it assigned is 10 minutes.
- Lowered the level of dog mercs.