Friday, December 17, 2010

Update and a new video by Cryofluid

After weeks of quirky bugs in the town control system, we are happy to notify our faithful community that we finally have managed to squish them. After the server maintenance and the latest restart, as of yesterday, it's not only the town control that has been fixed - the server stability has been vastly improved as well. Due to occasional crashes we had to start an investigation of the problems. The issues have been addressed and certain updates for several OS components were installed, which, in return, have brought some additional stability to the server.

We would also like to use this opportunity to announce the implementation of the first big faction in 2238: the Brotherhood of Steel. Although somewhat 'modest' update with 'only' 6 new quests and a further faction development line depending on the global events, this is the first step into the new direction the development of this game is about to take. You will be, of course, notified abut any changes in good time, so everyone can test the new feature(s) intensively, providing us the valuable feedback needed for the necessary adjustments in the future.

So, there is a reason for celebration, right? Just when we needed it most, Cryofluid stroke again with his new video. There is a bit of everything in it: FOnline 2238 factions history, current relations between new and old gangs on the server, a Christmas note, an homage to a great movie (or maybe two), a parody. Not sure what the hell is that all about? Seek the knowledge. Alternatively, you can always visit and browse through the virtual room created by our supporters from France. Anyway, long story short - here's the new video we all have been waiting for:

In other news, the community has been working on various art presentations, inspired by the world of FOnline 2238, but we shall leave this for another update. Merry Christmas and see you again with the next update just before the 2010 ends!