Wednesday, December 1, 2010

FOnline: 2238 among 100 best indie games 2010

Even in 2010, FOnline: 2238 has managed once again to find its place among the best indie games of the year. We have made it to the top 100, being placed in the Massively Multiplayer category along with "MoonForge", thus reaching the second voting phase.

Indie of the Year Awards

Although it already was a great success for this game to be chosen by the players to be the 4th best indie game in 2009, thus winning the unofficial title of the best released indie title in the same year, it would be honour for everyone - the faithful players, the lazy developers, the corrupted game masters, the bizzare community - to confirm how rock-solid FOnline: 2238 is.

Moreover, I would be personally more than happy if all of us could show it to the current game industry that fun and gaming is not always necessarily pegged to shiny graphics, furious action, sheer amount of explosions or unstoppable corporational propaganda channeled through the modern video gaming "journalism". This is a good opportunity to send them a message that the fun factor is determined by players themselves and not by in-the-face served products and biased reviews. Come on you apes, you wanna live forever?! (Jean Rasczak)

You can vote for FOnline:2238 on our ModDB/IndieDB profile pages. There is exactly 12 days, 23 hours, 05 minutes and 47 seconds of time at your disposal (and counting).

As always, thank you for your support.