Sunday, August 30, 2009

Client Update #1 + Server wipe

For all who still don't know what happened: The server got a full-wipe this night due to a new database system. First it was just planned to wipe everything except the character accounts but well, most people 'required' a full wipe and this was ok too to us, especially because of a shattered economy from bugs and exploits.

With this update, we are also running with the latest engine version again. In the following a list of the actual changes:

- radiation/replication stat bug
- wandering critters shouldn't go too far away from their home positions
- Bags for mercs re-enabled
- Added fixed status to repair table quest.
- unlimited brahmin followers bug fix

- player can now obtain many professions, but total level (sum of all acquired professions) can't be greater than 3.
- new encounter maps
- Traders get more money now
- Boosting Ammo produced by 3
- Players can see when someone is searching their pockets with steal (same check as guards)
- Dynamite and plastic explosives lowered on traders.
- various map updates

The most important of this update: You need to download a new *.dat file and copy this file into your FOnline client folder. You can download the file here. Put the faction001.dat file into your FOnline client folder and that's it. The file is only a few kb small, so it is really not a big deal. It is very important that this file is in your client folder or else you will see missing graphics in some maps.