Saturday, August 15, 2009

FOnline: 2238 starts today!

Dear wastelanders! Thank you for gathering today, on IRC, on this Blog... Wherever you are! Today the third open beta test is going to start!

FOnline: 2238 is not the only game you will be able to play - our brethren from all over the world, who were working hard on another game, The Life After, will launch their servers today too. Everything you need for playing the game, as well as any news regarding the client and servers will be published on this blog or the official FOnline Homepage.

We still need some time to bring everything in order before launching the game, please be patient.

We apologize for not releasing the 3rd Developers Video before the launching date, it will be recorded soon. To make it up to you, we decided to post this small comic:

FOnline irc data:
Channel: #fonline

Our irc data:
Channel: #2238