Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Server forecast for Friday 06-Jan-2012: Wipe with heavy data loss

COMMERCIAL: This server forecast is brought to you by "Rotators", the world leader in donation beggings & solutions!

FORECAST: on Friday, 6th of January, we may count with some heavy wipe followed by data loss on global scale. The wipe will most probably pass the Central and Western Europe at 09:00 PM (21:00), causing complete data loss for everyone. The unstable post-wipe conditions may last for the next two days, but we believe there will be no unexpected data loss during that time.

We advise you to gear up properly, including protective suits and equipment, take a lot of meds with you and go out. There's no need not to enjoy the next few days until the wipe hits us.

Don't forget to let the Brahmin out and burn down your accomodation!

Until our next forecast - have a nice time!