Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bases visibility

In previous posts I've explained how we're gonna use the documents stored in faction database (a.k.a. files) to remember various info, such as what bases are accessible, and what are not the the given player (whether it's a member or not).

I've focused on synchronization aspect, and I will follow that in this post, as the technical side of it affects how it's gonna work for you.

This is gonna be our hypothetical player's file:

"_id": "scypior",
"faction": "The Unity",
"bases": [ "bunker" ]

In this case it's of no importance whether this record is stored in The Unity's database and it's record for a member, or whether it's in some other database and we just want to specify the bases this player can access.

With such file, server is gonna synchronize its data in following manner:
- compare the incoming file with previous one, detect if any new base appeared on the list, or if any base got removed from that list
- take the list of new entries in bases list, fetch their location id numbers knowing their names (checking if such base really exist and belong to that faction), mark those locations as visible for given player
- take the list of removed entries, do the above magic for location id and mark those locations as invisible

Notice the difference to the current system, that was caused solely by the technical changes - the visibility is set/unset when the server synchronize the data, while currently, on the following events:
- invited member enters location (visibility set)
- non-member slain in the base location (visibility unset)

The change in first case, may make players happy actually - no more tedious inviting, everything is done automagically. While I certainly do not like when magic happens in game, it's often needed to avoid frustration (and you've got already shattered nerves...), so it's good.

The other case however, might also be liked (oh no, he may come and kill us in our base, better quickly revoke his access!!!), but I very much liked the fact you needed to kill that unwanted player on your own ground to settle things, so I could think of solution for this, if it is really needed.

What are your thoughts on that matter?