Wednesday, January 6, 2010

ModDB awards 2009 - Vote for FOnline in Phase 2

After passing the initial voting phase, FOnline: 2238 has reached the second voting phase and is competing with other famous indie titles for the title "The Best Indie Game of 2009". We are currently among the Top 100 Mods and Indie games. As always, we count on your support and hope that the word about FOnline: 2238 will be spread throughout the cyber-space in the time to come.

Feel free to visit the ModDB website again and vote for FOnline: 2238 - just click on "Indie Games" in the TOP 100 BEST RELEASED MODS & INDIES and confirm your vote once you see the name. Your votes will have more influence on the final result if you are registered user and if you are logged in when voting. The 2nd voting phase has started!

Indie Game of the Year Awards