Sunday, February 26, 2012

Server status - in the meantime...

The server is down for four days due to an attack and inability to manage the server remotely in a proper way. Considering the circumstances, the question emerges: what can or should be done?

After the initial problems we've had, the server could have been pinged most of the time and the the low-level host control panels were responding, but booting up the old chap with primary OS was impossible. The technical support was (probably) doing their best to answer to our requests, but the communication was tedious, usually taking too long or resulting in additional waiting intervals. In other words, remote management proved to be quite difficult, which we were counting on, since we're talking about one of the cheapest hosting solutions among those offered by our host. Good news is that the game session and other critical data look good thus far. We will continue working on getting everything back up, but no rational estimations can be given at this point.

I'd dare to say that this is not a case without solution and we have been considering several options for quite a time already. Long story short - one of the most intriguing ideas right now is to move to another host, i.e. to find better offer for beans, getting... ehmmm... more (and better) beans in the process. Currently, our critical control point proved to be the above mentioned server management, which provides us with next to none flexibility when it comes to keeping the server up n' running. As all of us already know, a proper server management is necessity for projects like 2238, no more, no less. According to some unofficial feedback, there's a good portion of players and the community interested in backing up such kind of "exodus", which is a good sign and a wind in the back for meeting the final decision. We would like to use this opportunity to thank everyone for supporting us during all good and hard times we've been through together.

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