Tuesday, July 2, 2013

FOnline: 2238 source released

After shutting down the FOnline: 2238 server an issue remained bothering the developers of the game: what to do with the code, tools and the custom created content?

The discussion was led, the opinions were presented, the decision was made; after a while we did realise that there is no point in letting the creation hibernate under the virtual layer of dust, hence the release of the source code, which includes above mentioned tools and content, was the only rational way to go. There were various reasons for such decision, but one of them seemed to have an additional, quite heavy impact on the decision itself - it was the fact, that our new endeavours would soon be concentrated on a better promotion of the FOnline engine via our new English speaking developer community fodev.net, on continuing its development into a platform not only for Fallout-like games, but also RPGs in general, and last but not least, to cooperate with everyone who had these (or similar) aims in regard to the engine. It occurred to us as the next logical step in providing the support for many indie projects based on FOnline, as well as in attracting potential developers to start understanding its capabilities and limitations.

We do hope that everyone interested in the FOnline engine will benefit from the release of the FOnline: 2238 source.

Server and related tools

Client + Mapper

More tools (with sources)

Alternative Download (these files will not be updated any longer, and further changes on github won't be included here)

Autogenerated documentation (using Doxygen) (the Reference section is the most interesting there)

For those who cannot wait to run their own server and look around from a whole new perspective, we prepared a short tutorial which should help you with the first steps as an authenticated character in the game world. Have fun!

Friday, June 28, 2013


After shutting down the FOnline: 2238 Server, we have moved the database (as well as some other data) to a new place - fodev.net forum!

Why such a forum? The FOnline scene always lacked a community website in English dedicated to its developers. Informations about SDK are scarce and scattered - we see it as an obstacle in achieving more interest into FOnline. That's why the former FOnline: 2238 devs decided to fill this gap by creating fodev.net. We would like it to become a place for all people focused on creative aspects of the FOnline engine - place where you can discuss developing games, share ideas, ask questions, publish and share your work with others and announce new FOnline projects. A friendly hub for English speaking developers.

If you were registered on the FOnline: 2238 forum you don't have to create a new account - you can use the same login and password.

Of course fodev.net is not the only thing that we would like to attend to. We are still eager to create games. Currently, however, we have decided to focus on something slightly different than a game - creation of a new FOnline development kit with improved scripts and tools. Our aim is to get a better starting point for new projects. Only time will tell if we will be successful. This new endeavor is in very early stage and you can follow it on Github. It's developed as open source.

Speaking about open source... we have more news for you. To answer to many requests of the FOnline: 2238 fans, we have decided to release the source code of our game. We need to clean it up a bit and as soon as this work is done, everyone should be able to download the sources, start a FOnline: 2238 server or create their own projects based on it. This shouldn't take too long, so stay tuned!

Kind regards,

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The End

The Server
On Sunday, June 23rd 2013, the FOnline: 2238 server will be shut down. The details are trivial and pointless, the reasons, as always, purely human ones. The interest in the current state of the game is steadily declining, while, at the same time, expectations about further development of the project can't be matched. With a decimated player base and, in turn, low number of donations we can't afford us any further server lease.

For you, the players, this means that there are over two weeks to play and discuss FOnline: 2238 on the current forum. This moment occurs important to many of us and we would like to use this opportunity to invite all the people who have been sharing so many memories from the last four years to login on June 23rd (evening time CET) for a big shutdown party. We definitely would love to have as many people as possible during these very moments and, of course, during the last days of 2238.

We would like to thank the players who supported us with their suggestions, bug reports, patches and content. Special thanks to all wiki editors, moderators and game masters. Last but not least, we would like to thank all our donors, who helped us to keep the 2238 server running for so long! Without you, the last 4 years wouldn't have been the same.

However, this is not the end, merely a new beginning for us - and we hope for some of you as well.

The Forum
The current 2238 forum will be transformed into a "FOnline developer zone" - a community dedicated to game development using the FOnline engine, a place where you can discuss developing games, ask questions about the engine, publish and share your work with others, announce new FOnline projects and maybe even have a whole board for your own project. As an inevitable result of this change, all 2238 game related boards will be closed with everything regarding the "SDK" and "3D Development" expanded. If you have any ideas and suggestions, feel free to share them with all of us.

Currently there is no decision whether the FOnline: 2238 sources will be released or not.

That's all folks, have fun in the last days of 2238!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Everything has its end, so does the Great Exodus

We have officially exited the hyperspace and reached the point where everything is safely moved to Berlin. Please consider using the new coordinates for locating the Mothership:

Port: 2238

Hopefully, all ships will rally at the given coordinates soon. If you have any problems, use the standard procedure and contact the Fleet Network.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Exodus in progress...

Exodus, movement of Jah data. As you read these lines, one after another services will leave the Paris nebula. The hyper-drive has been charged and almost ready for start, there is no turning back. Our destination, Berlin system with a G-class star and a habitable world for at least few generations. New space coordinates for all incoming ships will be given soon, stand by. According to calculations provided by the Fleet Command there are no electromagnetic anomalies in the hyperspace we are going to pass through, which effectively means that the fleet data and support systems shall reach the destination point unharmed.

All sections reported in. Expect the hyperspace drive to be triggered any minute now.


We're starting the process of moving the data from current server to new one. For now, everything will run normally, but later this day, we'll have to shut the website.

Game server will be closed later (after we will finish to move website), so that game itself should be available as long as possible (and with shortest possible interruption). More info will be announced as we go.

We hope everything will go smooth and without bigger problems!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Server issues - update #4

We're almost there, FOnline server seems to be running OK, but we still have troubles with database. Not really about the data itself - the MySQL server process is crashing occasionaly.